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Tucetona Iredale, 1939.

Geological range: Late Cretaceous to Recent (source: Paleobiology Database).

Geographic distribution: A distributional map for modern Tucetona may be accessed from OBIS. A distributional map for ancient Tucetona may be accessed from the Paleobiology Database.

Diversity: The WoRMS database recognizes 50 species of extant Tucetona (unvetted). The Paleobiology Database recognizes 12 species from the fossil record (unvetted).

Paleoecology: All species of Tucetona are epifaunal or infaunal suspension feeders and are unattached and actively mobile. Source: Todd (2016).

Phylogenetic status: Unknown. A recent molecular phylogenetic analysis by Combosch and Giribet (2016) found that the extant species Tucetona pectinata is nested within the paraphyletic genus Glycymeris.

Tucetona Species present in the Neogene of the Southeastern United States