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Hexaplex fulvescens

Geological Range

Late Pliocene to Late Pleistocene; Recent.

Paleogeographic Distribution

Southern Florida to South Carolina.


For information on the modern distribution of the species, see Malacolog.

First Full Description (from Reeve, 1845, p. 24-25):

"Shell pear-shaped, sometimes oblong, sometimes shorter and ventricose; whorls bi-angulated at the upper part, transversely ridged and striated, ridges minute, narrow, rather superficial; six- or seven-varicose, varices armed with frondlike spines throughout, spines canaliculated, slightly curved, the basal and those upon the posterior angles, longer, sharp-pointed; white, ridges reddish brown, stained here and there with small crescent-shaped spots of a deeper colour, interior of the aperture white, stained in places with ruddy spots; canal rather elongated, sometimes shorter, recurved.

Valenciennes, Kiener, Icon. Coq. viv. p. 49. pl. 41. f. 1. Hab. Gulf of Mexico.

This very interesting shell, of which a worn stunted example is represented in the 'Conchological Illustrations,' fig. 30, under the erroneous title of Murex turbinatus, was, I believe, originally distinguished by Mr. Sowerby by the name of Murex fulvescens; no description, however, appeared, and as the name was subsequently cancelled from the catalogue, I am obliged to yield to M. Valenciennes the honour of having first introduced the species.

The frond-like spines of the Murex spinicostata are of a sharp simple structure, exhibiting no indication of being foliated; but are singularly characterised in being armed with a small prickle on each side at about one-third of their entire length from the top. This character can, however, only be recognised in such specimens as have the spines well developed."

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Synonymous with Murex fulvescens G. B. Sowerby II, 1834 (original combination).

Stratigraphic Occurrences

Late Pleistocene
Anastasia Formation (S. FL)
Fort Thompson Formation (S. FL)
Middle Pleistocene
Bermont Formation (S. FL)
Canepatch Formation (SC)
Late Pliocene
Tamiami Formation (Pinecrest Beds) (S. FL)
<i>Hexaplex fulvescens</i> from the Middle Pleistocene Bermont Fm. (Lower Shell Bed) of Hillsborough County, Florida (UF 13641).
Hexaplex fulvescens from the Middle Pleistocene Bermont Fm. (Lower Shell Bed) of Hillsborough County, Florida (UF 13641).
Specimen of <i>Hexaplex fulvescens</i> figured by Reeve (1845, pl. 4, fig. 18).
Specimen of Hexaplex fulvescens figured by Reeve (1845, pl. 4, fig. 18).
Late Pleistocene Map
Late Pleistocene Map
Middle Pleistocene Map
Middle Pleistocene Map
Late Pliocene Map
Late Pliocene Map